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News in the Church | Morning News 28.06.2024

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News in the Church | Morning News 28.06.2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

This is a summary of the morning news stories in the Church from EWTN Norway. We bring you key updates and insights to keep you informed about important events and developments.

Saint of the Day: St. Irenaeus

Today, the Church celebrates St. Irenaeus, a second-century bishop and theologian. Born around 130 in Asia Minor, Irenaeus was a disciple of St. Polycarp, who in turn was a disciple of St. John the Apostle. St. Irenaeus became the Bishop of Lyons and is best known for his work “Against Heresies,” in which he defended the faith against Gnosticism. His writings significantly contributed to the development of Christian theology and the establishment of the canon of Scripture. St. Irenaeus was martyred around the year 202.

Montana Judge Strikes Down Law Defining Sex as Male and Female

In a landmark decision, a Montana judge has struck down a state law that defined sex strictly as male and female. The ruling stated that the law violated the rights of transgender individuals by not recognizing their gender identities. This decision is expected to have significant implications for the rights of transgender people and the legal definitions of sex and gender in Montana and potentially beyond. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis to Priests: Let the Chapel Be the Most Visited Room in Your Homes

Pope Francis has issued a heartfelt call to priests, urging them to make the chapel the most visited room in their homes. He emphasized the importance of personal prayer and spiritual reflection in the life of a priest. By prioritizing their relationship with God, priests can better serve their communities and lead by example. This message is part of the Pope’s ongoing efforts to encourage clergy to deepen their spiritual lives and enhance their pastoral effectiveness. For the full story, visit EWTN Norway.

Court Fines Belgian Cardinal and Archbishop for Denying Woman Admission to Diaconate

A Belgian court has fined Cardinal Jozef De Kesel and Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard for denying a woman admission to the diaconate. The court ruled that their actions constituted discrimination. This ruling has sparked a debate within the Church about the roles of women and the interpretation of Church doctrine regarding the diaconate. It raises questions about the balance between adherence to religious teachings and compliance with civil laws on equality and discrimination. For the full story, visit EWTN Norway.

Pope on Prayer for Creation Day: Caring for the Environment is an Act of Love

In his message for the upcoming World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Pope Francis highlighted that caring for the environment is an act of love. He called on all people to take concrete steps to protect the planet, emphasizing that environmental stewardship is a fundamental aspect of living out one’s faith. The Pope’s message underscores the Church’s commitment to addressing environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

Kenya’s President Withdraws Finance Bill 2024 After Youth-Led Protests and Outcry Against Police Brutality

Following extensive youth-led protests and a strong public outcry against police brutality, Kenya’s President William Ruto has withdrawn the controversial Finance Bill 2024. The bill had proposed significant tax increases, which many argued would disproportionately affect the poor and middle class. The protests, largely organized by Generation Z, highlighted the power of civic engagement and the importance of listening to the voices of the youth. For the full story, visit ACI Africa.

Diocese of Mainz to Cut 25% of Expenditures Gradually

In Germany, the Diocese of Mainz has announced plans to gradually cut approximately 25% of its expenditures. This decision comes in response to financial challenges and the need to ensure the sustainability of diocesan operations. The reduction will involve a careful review of programs and services to identify areas where cost-saving measures can be implemented without compromising the diocese’s mission and pastoral care. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Church as we continue to share important news and stories from around the world.

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