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News in the Church | Evening News July 4, 2024

News in the Church | Evening News July 4, 2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

“Welcome to News from the Church, your source for Catholic news and updates from around the world. The news is edited by Pål Johannes Nes, and you’re listening to EWTN Norway. This is the Evening News for July 4, 2024. Let’s begin.”

“Our first story highlights Cardinal Rueda’s recent statement encouraging the faithful to place their trust in Jesus to face even the most adverse situations. During his address, Cardinal Rueda emphasized that with faith in Christ, believers can find the strength and hope needed to navigate life’s challenges. His message comes at a time when many are seeking reassurance and spiritual support.”

“In Malaysia, a WWII heroine and nurse is on the path to becoming the country’s first saint. Sybil Kathigasu, known for her courageous efforts in assisting those affected by the war, is being considered for canonization. Her story of bravery and dedication to helping others has inspired many, and her potential sainthood would be a historic moment for the Malaysian Catholic community.”

“The Catholic Church has announced a novena for peace in the Near East, urging Christians worldwide to pray for peace and the protection of innocents in the region. This initiative aims to unite the global Christian community in prayer and solidarity with those affected by ongoing conflicts. The novena is seen as a significant spiritual effort to bring attention and divine intervention to the troubled region. The Church hopes that this collective prayer will help foster a sense of unity among Christians and contribute to a more peaceful resolution to the conflicts.”

“The father of an Israeli hostage who recently met with Pope Francis is on a mission to bring all hostages home. This meeting with the Pope has given him renewed hope and determination. He expressed profound gratitude for the Pope’s support, noting how the encounter has bolstered his resolve to fight for the hostages’ release. The father’s advocacy extends beyond his child, as he continually underscores the urgent need for international attention and action. He calls for a global effort to secure the freedom of all hostages, emphasizing the human rights aspect of their plight and the moral duty to ensure their safe return. His tireless campaigning includes speaking with various human rights organizations, participating in media interviews, and coordinating with other families of hostages to amplify their collective voice.”

“The Vatican’s telescope, VATT, is undergoing automation and robotization. This technological upgrade aims to enhance the telescope’s capabilities and efficiency in astronomical research. The modernization of VATT reflects the Vatican’s commitment to advancing scientific inquiry and maintaining its contributions to the field of astronomy. By implementing state-of-the-art technology, the Vatican Observatory hopes to stay at the forefront of astronomical discoveries and provide valuable data to the global scientific community. The project also underscores the Church’s support for the harmonious relationship between faith and science. This modernization is expected to improve the telescope’s operational efficiency, enabling more precise and comprehensive astronomical observations.”

“Pope Francis has scheduled a visit to Trieste. The trip underscores the Pope’s ongoing efforts to connect with diverse communities and address local issues. During his visit, he is expected to meet with religious and civic leaders, engage with the faithful, and promote messages of peace and unity. The Pope’s visit to Trieste is anticipated to bring attention to the region’s unique challenges and encourage a spirit of solidarity and cooperation among its inhabitants.”

“In Germany, Christian hospitals in East Germany are calling for political reforms. These hospitals are advocating for changes that would better support their operations and ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare services. Their demands highlight the ongoing dialogue between religious institutions and the government regarding healthcare policy and the role of faith-based organizations in public service. The hospitals emphasize the need for policies that recognize and support their contributions to the healthcare system, particularly in underserved areas.”

“In Syria, efforts to restore the historic altar at the Church of St. Elijah in Aleppo are underway. This restoration project aims to revive a significant religious and cultural landmark that has suffered damage due to the ongoing conflict in the region. The project symbolizes hope and resilience for the local Christian community. Restoring the altar is seen as a step towards preserving the heritage and faith of the Christian population in Aleppo, providing a beacon of hope amidst the ruins.”

“Finally, we turn to a commentary in the National Catholic Register titled ‘Has Joe Read Roe?’ written by Michael Warsaw. This piece critically examines statements made by prominent figures regarding the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. Warsaw discusses the importance of understanding the legal and ethical complexities of the decision and its implications for contemporary debates on abortion rights. He argues for a deeper engagement with the moral dimensions of the issue, urging both policymakers and the public to consider the broader ethical context. Warsaw’s commentary calls for an informed and thoughtful discussion on abortion, beyond political rhetoric, to address the profound moral questions at stake. He emphasizes that understanding the full ramifications of Roe v. Wade is essential for meaningful dialogue and policy-making.”

“That brings us to the end of today’s episode. Thank you for joining us on News from the Church. Remember to tune in tomorrow for the Morning News, where we’ll bring you more updates and stories from the global Catholic community. God bless you all, and may your faith continue to inspire and guide you. This is EWTN Norway, wishing you a peaceful and blessed evening.”

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Danny Miran shows the T-shirt with a photo of his son Omri, one of the Israelis kidnapped on Oct. 7, 2023, and who is still being held hostage in Gaza. On the T-shirt, the Hebrew inscription reads: “Bring them home now!”, the motto of the campaign to bring back the hostages. A few days after Oct. 7, Danny Miran, 79, left his home in northern Israel and joined the Hostages and Missing Families Forum in Tel Aviv. His life’s purpose has become bringing his son back home. | Credit: Marinella Bandini


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