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Why Demons Possess People: Catholic Exorcist Reveals the Secrets Behind Possession

Why does demonic possession happen and what do exorcists do about it?

In a revealing episode of “The Catholic Talk Show,” seasoned exorcist Father Carlos Martins provides a rare and enlightening glimpse into the secrets behind possession and the role of a Catholic exorcist.

Contrary to popular belief, the job of an exorcist is not to cast out the devil. Rather, it’s to determine why the devil is present, to work with the victim, and to rescind the rights granted to the demonic presence.

“The job of the exorcist is to find out why the devil is there, what rights has he gained, and it’s then his task to work with the victim at rescinding those rights, Father Martins explains.

Exorcism severs a toxic relationship with the devil and forges a new, wholesome relationship with Christ.

“Exorcism is very much about severing one relationship, a toxic relationship with the devil, and forging another one, a wholesome one with Christ,” he says.

Father Martins also discusses the concept of covenants with evil and the role of the individual’s will in possession.

“What you’ve got is a covenant made with evil. In terms of possession, you have a decision that has been made [about what] brought the devil into his or her life,” he continues.

Father Martins shares that baptism offers protection from the devil by making the Holy Trinity part of our spiritual family. However, he also points out exactly how possession works:

“The devil can possess through the committing of one single mortal sin. In other words, he gains those rights.”

Ultimately, the battle against the devil is the Lord’s, and exorcists are merely agents of Christ.

“I don’t fear the devil. I respect him, but I don’t fear him. At the end of the day, it doesn’t rest on me. I am not the savior of the world; the Savior is Christ,” Father Martins says.

Watch below to hear Father Martin’s number one line of defense against demonic influence:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Let’s fortify our spiritual defenses against the forces of evil!

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