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What Happens After Confession: Jesus' Profound Message to Mystic Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Throughout Church history, Jesus has revealed his love and mercy through devotion to His Sacred Heart.

The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque on Oct. 16. She is the French mystic and nun whose visions of Jesus provided us with the Sacred Heart devotion.

In a recent video published by FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students), Sister Bethany Madonna of the Sisters of Life provides a powerful story about Jesus’ unwavering mercy.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque asked Jesuit priest Father Claude La Colombière to be her spiritual director.

Father Claude then requested proof of Saint Margaret Mary’s visions, so he asked her to ask Jesus for the last mortal sin he confessed.

When she asked him, Jesus said, “I don’t remember.”

Sister Bethany Madonna beautiful retells this story in the video below:

Here’s the full text of the story:

“When we go to confession, whatever we confess is literally blotted out – Wiped away. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Margaret Mary Alacoque. She’s the saint to whom Jesus revealed his Sacred Heart. He also told her that he wanted her to have a spiritual director and that his name was Father Claude La Colombière.”So she approached and asked Father Claude, telling him that Jesus had told her that he was to be her spiritual director. He was skeptical, to say the least. He looked at her and he said, “If Jesus appears to you again, you go ahead and ask him what was the last mortal sin that I confessed? Then I’ll know.'”She’s like, ‘Okay.’ “So she agreed and returning later to Father Claude she said, ‘Jesus did appear to me again and I was able to ask him your question. “Father Claude goes, ‘what did he say?'”‘Well he said, ‘I don’t remember.’ [Father Claude then] became her spiritual director.”

Jesus stressed his intense love for mankind in his messages to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Jesus established the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in June of 1675.

She said, “Before the Blessed Sacrament, I received from my God extraordinary proofs of His love.”

While opening his “Divine Heart,” Jesus said,

“Behold this Heart which has so loved men that It spared nothing, even going so far as to exhaust and consume Itself, to prove to them Its love.”

Saint Margaret Mary also said Jesus revealed His “treasures of love, mercy and grace”:

“My Divine Master revealed to me that it was His ardent desire to be known, loved, and honored by men, and His eager desire to draw them back from the road to perdition, along which Satan is driving them in countless numbers, that induced Him to manifest His Heart to men with all the treasures of love, mercy, grace, sanctification, and salvation that It contains.”

Click here for more of Jesus’ messages to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! ❤️‍

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