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Vaticano | episode 537


Vaticano er et ukentlig program produsert av EWTN som gir et unikt innblikk i livet i Vatikanet.

In this Vaticano episode we look at the beatification of the “Smiling Pope”, Pope John Paul I. We also take a look at a project started by Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Demascus, known as “Open Hospitals in Syria” that has provided more than 80,000 free treatments for the most vulnerable. We also hear the latest Vatican updates. We look back on the legacy of Mother Teresa on the twenty fifth year anniversary of her death. Learn more on the Feast of the Holy Cross and the universal devotion of Christians to the Cross. And lastly, we take a preview of Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Kazakhstan.

Støtt St Rita Radio – EWTN Norge på Vipps 650212


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