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The Everyday Miracles of Carlo Acutis: Social Media Shares Answered Prayers Through His Intercession

Blessed Carlo Acutis will become a saint! 🎉

On May 23, 2024, the Vatican announced Pope Francis’ approval of a second miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis.

“The recognition of the second miracle attributed to Acutis’ intercession makes it possible that Acutis could be canonized during the Catholic Church’s 2025 Jubilee Year,” Catholic News Agency reported.

Blessed Carlo is best known for his computer programming skills and website dedicated to Eucharistic miracles. The Italian teen also deeply loved the Eucharist and Our Lady. He prayed the Rosary and went to Mass every day.

Social media users expressed joy after the announcement with testimonies of their personal experiences with his intercession.

Here’s what some people said:

Asucena Cáceres De Palermo said,

“Glory to God! Carlo Acutis, thank you for your wonderful intercession for my teenage son. I asked so much for a change in his life and I know that you took prayers to heaven and gave him to Jesus.”

This user shared,

“Blessed Carlo Acutis helped me reconnect with my faith [in] Jesus! I used to be an agnostic for 1-2ish years when I had a falling out with Catholicism, but I heard of him and researched about his story and felt a deep connection to him. “Three years later, he is my patron saint for my recent confirmation a few days ago and really [had] an impact on my life even when I asked him for help. I’m so happy for him and God bless him!”

Viviana Jimenez Santos said she turned to Carlo Acutis when her 84-year-old Colombian father experienced health problems.

“We asked for his healing and effectively after many exams…nothing serious in his body is a miracle that God allowed through Carlo. We are very happy for the glory of God,” she said.

Another user said she turned to both Blessed Carlo Acutis and Blessed Jose Gregorio Hernandez for intercession when her daughter was in a “very bad accident” and lost a lot of blood.

“I asked Carlos Acutis…for his holy intercession,” she said. “Then tests started coming back normal. My baby girl was discharged the next day at 3:00 a.m.”

“The next day, my normal girl running, screaming, playing, and happy,” she continued. “I give glory to God. And thanks to Carlos Acutis and Doctor Jose Gregorio Hernandez for their intercession.”

Soon-to-be-saint Carlo Acutis, please pray for us!

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