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The Cause of Christianity's Collapse in the West: It Traces Back to Marriage, Statistics Say

Are our churches and communities genuinely addressing the root cause of declining faith in the West?

On a recent episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, with guest J.P. De Gance, highlights a pressing issue in the Church: the decline of sacramental marriages.

De Gance paints a bleak picture of the United States’ religious landscape, where the core values surrounding marriage and family are rapidly disintegrating. Over the last half-century, sacramental marriages within the Church are down an astonishing 75 percent.

Yet, amid the grim statistics, De Gance shares a story of hope.

In Jacksonville, Florida, he oversaw the largest privately-funded community marriage project in U.S. history to the tune of $20 million.

Heinen says, “After four years…the city saw a 24 percent decrease in divorce rates.”

The guys also highlight research studies emphasizing the pivotal role of marriage in societal stability.

They show an undeniable connection between the decline of committed marriages with waning church attendance and religious belief.

As De Gance points out, “If there’s a married dad in the home, you’re more than twice as likely to be there in church on Sunday.”

DeGance also critiques the Church’s misplaced focus on youth ministry as a solution. Instead, he argues that the root cause of Christianity’s decline lies in the erosion of marital commitment.

“We have never in the history of the church been less effective at transmitting our faith to our young people,” he comments. “That isn’t the cause of why people are falling away and it ain’t the solution.”

Addressing external influences, the guys examine the challenges of modern dating in shaping perceptions about relationships. With loneliness becoming a near-global epidemic, De Gance underscores the need for churches to act as hubs for fostering genuine, healthy connections.

De Gance passionately calls for a profound metanoia (conversion) within the Church, that prioritizes the sanctity of marriage. With a combination of spiritual and practical interventions, he believes the Church can reclaim its pivotal role in nurturing marital stability!

Check out the episode below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Let’s pray for the future of our families!

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