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"The Best Weapon": A Priest's 7 Personal Stories About the Power of Praying the Rosary

The Rosary has been a very central part of my life and it will always be.

Here are some of my life stories involving the Rosary:

1. When I was five, I wanted to run from home (I don’t remember why).

My mother helped me pack (I don’t know why). The first thing she gave me was a rosary. I told her I didn’t know how to pray. She then taught me and I think that after the second decade, I decided to stay.

I still have that OLD rosary.

@frgoyo, Instagram

2. I learned to pray the Rosary with my Mom.

(She used to trick me and my friends with chocolate ).

But I remember most praying the Rosary with my father while we walked through my quiet small town at night, even when he was tired. Fathers, pray with your kids. They will never forget.

3. When I came back to the Church, I called my Mom.

After five minutes on the phone, she asked, “Do you remember how to pray the Rosary?”

I said, “I forgot.”

She said, “Okay, let’s pray it now.”

And we both prayed over the phone. It was the beginning of my “Prodigal Son” story.

4. On the streets, hands behind my back with rosary, I hear someone.

“I don’t pray now, but when I was young I used to pray with my father like that. Pray for me?”

Me: “Wanna walk with me and pray?” And we did.

5. During Quarantine

After Mass, I walked around the streets praying the Rosary for neighbors and parishioners. (I did this with my dad when I was little.) A woman smiled from her window and showed me her rosary too.

It feels amazing to be united in prayer. We are not alone. Be not afraid. Mary always walks with us.

6. Every day, I see a couple holding a rosary and praying together in the parking lot.

I love praying the Rosary every day, but some days are so crazy that my time goes fast and I almost forget. Watching this couple helps me stop and pray.

Be a reminder for others of what prayer looks like.

7. As I was walking and praying my Rosary in our parking lot, a homeless guy screamed at me.

I kept on walking. On my way back home, he ran towards me and said, “I am so sorry. I didn’t see you were praying the Rosary. Pray for me.”

Yup. The Rosary is the best weapon.

This article originally appeared on Instagram.

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