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The Beautiful Letters Saint Gianna Molla Sent to Her Husband Before Their Wedding

When we think of saints, usually the first image that comes to mind is that of a priest or nun like Saint Thomas Aquinas or Saint Teresa of Avila. However, God also calls the laity to holiness.

A great example is Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, a pediatrician and mother, remembered for her Catholic faith and pro-life testimony.

Gianna was diagnosed with cancer when she became pregnant with her fourth daughter. It was then that the doctors suggested abortion, but she refused, determined to give her life for her baby. In 1962, Gianna gave birth by cesarean section to Gianna Emanuela Molla. One week later, Gianna Beretta died.

Gianna Beretta’s path of faith took her to the altars and she was canonized in 2004. However, her life is not only a testimony of the defense of unborn children, but it is a great example of holy marriage and true love.

In times when social media did not exist, Gianna sent many love letters to her boyfriend, and later husband, Pietro Molla.

The beauty of their correspondence is still preserved and the deep love they both had for each other and how present they had Christ in their relationship is moving.

The latter is reflected in a proposal that Saint Gianna made to her then-boyfriend 20 days before the wedding:

“There are only twenty days left and then I will be… Gianna Molla! What do you think if we do a triduum to prepare ourselves spiritually and receive this Sacrament? On the 21st – 22nd – 23rd the Holy Mass and Holy Communion, you at Ponte Nuovo, me at the Sanctuary of the Assumption. The Blessed Virgin will unite our prayers, desires, and since union is strength, Jesus cannot stop listening to us and helping us. I’m sure you’ll say yes and I thank you.”

Isn’t this beautiful? However, this is not the only time the saint dedicated such profound words to Pietro.

On Sept. 26, 2015, during the World Meeting of Families (WME) held in Philadelphia (United States), Gianna Emanuela read a letter that her mother sent to her beloved days before the wedding:

“Dearest Pietro,When I think of our great love, I can’t do anything but thank the Lord. It is true that love is the most beautiful feeling that God has given us and we will always love each other as we do now, Pietro.My dearest Pietro, thank you very much for everything. I want to tell you what I feel, what is in my heart, but I can’t. But you already know my feelings, so you will know how to understand me.Dearest Pietro, I am sure that you will always make me as happy as I am now and that the Lord hears our prayers that come from our hearts, which is to always love him and serve him in a holy way.Pietro, how many things I have to learn from you. You are a clear example for me and I thank you. With God’s help and blessing we are going to do everything we can to create a new family, a small cenacle where Jesus reigns over our affections, desires and actions.My Pietro, our wedding will be in a few days and I feel so moved to be so close to receiving the sacrament of love. We will work with God and his creation. This way we will be able to give him children who will love and serve him.Pietro, will I be able to be the wife and mother you’ve always wanted? I hope so because you deserve it and I love you too much. I send you a kiss and a hug with all my love.”

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, please pray for us!

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