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Saint Joan of Arc – A Catholic Heroine: 9 Things to Know & Share

Saint Joan of Arc’s extraordinary life serves as a testament to the power of faith and obedience to God’s will.

Her unwavering commitment to her Catholic beliefs, determination to fulfill her divine mission, and ultimate sacrifice embody the essence of a true Catholic hero.

Today, she is venerated as a saint within the Catholic Church, a source of inspiration for believers worldwide, and a reminder that God can work through the most unlikely of vessels to accomplish great things!

Saint Joan of Arc continues to shine as a guiding light for Catholics, encouraging us to trust in God’s plan and fearlessly live out our faith.

Here are nine things to know and share about Saint Joan of Arc:

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1. She was a young French peasant born in 1412.

2. Joan of Arc was not a knight or a trained soldier, and she could not read or write. She didn’t even know how to wield a sword before she began her mission!

3. At one point, she took the name “Jehanne la Pucelle,” meaning “Joan the Maid,” claiming she did not know her last name.

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

4. She reportedly heard the voices of Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Margaret of Antioch, and Saint Catherine of Alexandria. They informed her of a special mission from God to crown the rightful king of France and end the Hundred Years’ War.

5. Encouraged receiving confession before battle and committed her life to contemplation and prayer. She is considered a heroine of the Hundred Years’ War between France and England. Her life and journey are well-documented.

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

6. She was burnt at the stake in 1431 after a corrupt Church trial found her guilty of heresy. The Church later nullified the trial!

7. Pope Benedict XV declared Saint Joan of Arc a saint in 1920.

8. Patroness of soldiers and of France.

9. Mark Twain wrote a book about her heroic life!

Prayer to Saint Joan of Arc in Times of Trouble:

St Joan of Arc, give me strength.

In this, my time of need, I beg thee to come to my aid.
I humbly ask thee to help me bear my trials with honor,
As I remember you in your earthly agonies.

Blessed Joan, duty bound to God, give me courage:
You who left family and friends to enter into God’s service,
Devout and valiant to uphold righteousness to the end,
While being insulted and harmed by your enemies.

Holy Joan, daughter of God, give me fortitude:
Help me to prevail in life and death over evil,
While bearing my injuries with the dignity you showed
When wounded in the breast, head, thigh, and heel.

Pious Joan, help me to be fearless:
Abandoned by the king you yourself had crowned,
Captured and sold to the highest bidder,
You put your trust in the King of Heaven to deliver you.

Venerable Joan, help me to be unwavering in my faith:
Beaten, bruised, questioned, and accused,
You were denied that which you loved most:
Communion, confession, Mass, and public prayer.

Heroic Joan, help me to uphold justice:
Imprisoned, neglected, threatened, and condemned,
Sentenced to die as a heretic, the cruelest death,
To die by the fire and be raised in heaven!

Glorious Virgin, please intercede for me:
(Share your request…)
Hear this petition and my heartfelt plea.
Pray for me in this, my time of need,
For I believe God will deny you nothing.


Prayer Source: Andrea Oefinger, Diocese of New Orleans

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