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Inside Actor Bug Hall's Catholic Life After Taking a Vow of Poverty

What if you gave up a life of fame and fortune and took a vow of poverty, only relying on God to provide?

That’s what retired Hollywood actor Bug Hall did when he gave up his career and money to live as a Catholic medieval homesteader in Michigan.

Hall is most known for his roles in “The Little Rascals” (1994), and “The Big Green,” to name a few. He also appeared in several Walt Disney films.

However, over the last few years, Hall made some big changes in his life: he converted to Catholicism, gave up all of his money, took a vow of poverty, and now lives and works on a 60-acre farm in Michigan with his wife and four children.

“I had really grown close with Saint Francis,” Hall told ChurchPOP editor Jacqueline Burkepile in an exclusive interview. “The idea of intentional poverty and not having an income that can be taken away was really appealing to me.”

Hall sought the advice of several priests due to his need to raise and provide for a family. The result “ended up on this homesteading track.”

Providentially, a fellow Catholic at his parish offered Hall and his family the ability to live on a 60-acre homestead. The property includes a home, and they can stay there for the rest of their lives as long as they farm it.

Hall raises cows and chickens, which provide much of the food for his family. The food he produces also provides for the homestead owner and the local community. He said he produces six times more than he needs and donates the rest.

“I don’t sell anything. I donated about $40,000 worth of food [in the first year],” he said. “Last year was the first year at this new property and it was like $60,000 or something, and it just goes to the parish. And then people donate to us.”

Hall also explained his daily family life and spiritual routines.

Hall said the family daily prays the Angelus, the Divine Office, and the Rosary. His wife often takes the children to Daily Mass and adoration.

The family also has a home altar with a first-class relic of Saint Anthony. The altar is so visiting priests can celebrate Mass.

“We pray the Angelus and gather in front of the altar. All the kids have their own little crucifix, and so we’ll march sometimes out the door and sing the Angeles and we’ll march around the house with it. They love it,” Hall said.

“After the Angeles, they’ll get their blessings. That’s their favorite part of the day. I say, ‘Line up for your blessings!’ And everyone will come and kneel in front of me and I’ll get some exorcised salt and chrism oil and bless all the kids and my wife.”

Hall also prays 15 decades of the rosary daily on his own. He said his go-to saints are Saint Anthony, Our Lady of Sorrows, his Guardian Angel, and Saint Dismas.

Watch the full interview below:

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Say a prayer for Bug Hall and his family!

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