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How Mother of Conjoined Twins Sharing One Heart Befriended Jessica Hanna of 'Blessed by Cancer' – Their Beautiful Story

What a beautiful story of true pro-life warriors!

Catholic wife, mother, business owner, and pro-life advocate Nicole Duque LeBlanc shared her stirring story of how she met the late Jessica Hanna of the Blessed By Cancer social media accounts.

LeBlanc’s story made headlines after she revealed in 2023 that she was pregnant with conjoined twins sharing one heart and vital organs. She gave birth to the twins via emergency c-section on Tues., May 16, 2023. The conjoined twins lived for about an hour and a half before they died.

In a recent X (Formerly Twitter) thread, LeBlanc shared a beautiful testimony of how she and Hanna became good friends.

ChurchPOP reported the April 6, 2024 death of Catholic personality Jessica Hanna of Blessed by Cancer. Hanna’s death prompted LeBlanc to share her story.

“I met Jessica through social media. Jessica shared my story that @Church_POP shared of my conjoined twins on her Instagram story. I had contacted her in April asking for prayers and we got in contact,” LeBlanc shared in her first post.

“The day her cancer returned was the same day that I got the official diagnosis that I was pregnant for the first time with conjoined twins that shared one heart and would die shortly after birth. I refused abortion even when the doctors said my life was at risk,” LeBlanc said in a second post.

“Jessica was pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer and she also refused abortion and trusted in God. Miraculously, her son was born perfectly healthy despite her receiving chemo while pregnant. And also miraculously after her pregnancy, she was cleared of cancer,” LeBlanc continued.

“However, her cancer returned and she stayed true to her daily prayers and offered up her sufferings for my babies and myself. I told her I offered up my emotional pain and c-section recovery for her.

“I was asked to speak at a pro-life event just four weeks after my c-section close to her home but she just received chemo and was feeling under the weather. We had exchanged gifts at her doorstep.

“A friend of hers gifted me a beautiful handmade rosary and little stickers but didn’t know how to get ahold of me! Jessica also contacted me asking if I could fill in for her pro-life speaking event but things were still very uncertain regarding my c-section date.

“I never met Jessica in person until I saw her at her visitation today,” LeBlanc revealed. “She was absolutely beautiful and you can tell she lived a beautiful and noble life.”

Some messages we exchanged before and after my c section

— Nicole LeBlanc (@nicolita_d) April 15, 2024

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

“I recently invited her to my open house party but she was already not doing so good. But she truly lived a courageous life and was an example of a modern-day saint. I had the honor of meeting her husband today who is also a very courageous man.

“She died receiving the sacraments and living a holy and devout life. She was in CONSTANT prayer, something I truly admired. I am very certain that she is in heaven and I asked her to be a friend for my babies and to pray for myself and my husband to be reunited with them one day.”

LeBlanc concluded by asking her followers to support Hanna’s family through their prayers and donations.

Please keep the Hanna Family in your prayers and her children.

The donation for her children’s future.

Jessica my friend, may you rest in peace and enjoy the splendors of heaven.

— Nicole LeBlanc (@nicolita_d) April 15, 2024

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

LeBlanc later shared photos of Hanna’s visitation.

Visitation of Jessica Hanna

— Nicole LeBlanc (@nicolita_d) April 14, 2024

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Let us pray for the soul of Jessica Hanna!

Eternal rest grant unto Jessica, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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