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Five Important Life Lessons from Saint Vincent de Paul, the Apostle of Charity

Every saint has a unique path to sainthood, but Saint Vincent de Paul has an exceptionally surprising story!

We can learn a lot from this saint.

Saint Vincent de Paul, known as the Apostle of Charity, was captured by pirates and sold into slavery. After his escape, he found a religious order and charity that still exists today!

Two miracles were attributed to the intercession of Saint Vincent de Paul prior to his beatification.  A nun was cured of ulcers and a laywoman was healed of paralysis.

Pope Benedict XIII beatified Vincent de Paul in 1729.

Less than a decade later, he became a saint.

Pope Clement XIII officially canonized Saint Vincent de Paul on June 16, 1737.

Saint Vincent de Paul is the patron saint of hospitals, charities, volunteers, and prisoners.

Here are five lessons from Saint Vincent de Paul to help you grow in holiness:

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP“Go to the poor: you will find God.” – Saint Vincent de PaulCaroline Perkins, ChurchPOP“If the world takes something from us on the one hand, God will give us something on the other.” – Saint Vincent de PaulCaroline Perkins, ChurchPOP“Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.” -Saint Vincent de PaulCaroline Perkins, ChurchPOP“Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances.” – Saint Vincent de PaulCaroline Perkins, ChurchPOP“God, grant us the grace to see things with the same eyes as you do.” -Saint Vincent de Paul

Here is a novena prayer to Saint Vincent de Paul:

O Glorious Saint Vincent de Paul, the mention of your name suggests a litany of your virtues: humility, zeal, mercy, self-sacrifice. It also recalls your many foundations: works of mercy, congregations, societies.

The Church gratefully remembers your promotion of the priesthood. Inspire all charitable workers, especially those who minister, to both the spiritually and the materially poor.

O Lord, give us the grace that You bestowed upon your servant St. Vincent de Paul, to relinquish the temptation of material things in our holy effort to minister to the poor.


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