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Elderly Woman with Dementia Amazingly Remembers Jesus in Viral Video: He 'Will Take Me Home'

The video of an elderly woman with dementia has shocked social media by showing how the disease may have erased many memories, but she continues to remember Jesus.

This TikTok user shared the video of her mother, an 88-year-old woman fighting dementia, attempting to recall various memories. The video’s overlay caption reads, “If you don’t believe Jesus is real, just watch and be amazed.”

As of this writing, the video generated 9.4 million views, almost 24,000 comments, nearly 80,000 saves, and 1.2 million likes.

Watch below:


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This is the beautiful conversation:

Daughter: Can you tell me what your address is?
Mother: What is my address? I don’t know.
Daughter: What color of shirt did you have on yesterday?
Mother: I don’t know.
Daughter: What did you have for lunch today?
Mother: Food, hahahahaha, good food!
Daughter: So who is Linda? Do you know Linda?
Mother: (Shakes her head)
Daughter: And what about Paul?
Mother: I don’t know Paul either.
Daughter: Well, who is Jesus?
Mother: Well, Jesus is the one who saved me and lives in my heart, and will take me home.
Daughter: Quite amazing.
Mother: I love him.

Do we remember Jesus despite illness?

An Instagram account shared the video, and users said that elderly people suffering from dementia can forget many things, but never Jesus.

“My mother is in palliative care with this disease. She is literally in her last days and she has no idea that I am her daughter. But she talks about Calvary and she wants the Bible from her. She will soon be with our beautiful Savior,” one user wrote.

“I worked almost 35 years as a nurse in the areas of Alzheimer’s, long-term care, serious mental health, etc., and I can tell you from countless first-person experiences…those devout Christians never forget who the Lord Jesus is!” another person said.

“I can tell you that my 97-year-old grandmother will ask you the same question five minutes apart and forget the answer… But she can quote huge passages of scripture verbatim,” someone else added.

“My grandmother had brain cancer and couldn’t remember my name, but she could still recite Psalm 139 almost word for word. God is so alive!” another person commented.

“I have worked in mental health for several years. It doesn’t matter the severity of the mental disorder, whether they are in a high or low state of functioning, whether they are verbal enough to express themselves, if you ask them ‘Who is God?’ or ‘Who is Jesus?’ or ‘Do you know the Lord?’ or ‘Have you been saved?’ Believe me, they will talk a lot about Jesus, and they never forget him. They know him,” someone else said.

“I have a grandmother who suffers from dementia, she is 95 years old, and most days she can’t remember me! But when I talk about Jesus, she doesn’t lose track!” another person added.

“I took care of a woman–our dear Doris. She couldn’t eat on her own, nor walk…she did not speak. When I would leave for the night and [put] her to bed, I’d say the Lord’s Prayer over her,” another person shared. “One night before leaving, as I was about to say goodbye and say the Lord’s prayer, she started saying it and started crying as she said the whole prayer. Her husband, who was in the other room, came in shocked that she was speaking he also became emotionally overwhelmed with hearing his Sweet Doris’s voice. There’s power in the name of Christ.”

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