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Actor Russell Brand Announces Baptism & Social Media Rejoices: 'I Felt Changed'

Actor, comedian, and commentator Russell Brand announced on Mon., April 29, 2024, that he was baptized a Christian over the weekend.

Brand is known for his roles in many Hollywood movies, including “Despicable Me” and “Bedtime Stories,” to name a few.

However, several of his past films consisted of immoral and explicit content. The actor also struggled with drug addiction and promiscuity and is singer Katy Perry’s ex-husband.

Recently, he was accused of sexual assault. According to Business Insider, “four women had accused the comedian of rape and sexual assault occurring between 2006 and 2013.” Brand denies the allegations.

Brand hinted over the last several months that he embraced many Christian and Catholic beliefs.

In January, he revealed his “heart is open,” to Christianity and explained why he wears a cross. In March, he published a reflection on the central image of Christianity: Christ crucified. In April, Brand prayed the rosary with his followers. Finally, he announced his plans for baptism.

Brand told his followers on Friday, April 26, that he planned his baptism for Sun., April 28. He did not reveal the denomination, however.

In the Monday announcement following his baptism, Brand explains his “incredible experience.”

“Something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible–overwhelming,” Brand says in his video.

“I feel changed–transitioned now. Of course, even though it’s been less than 24 hours, in the interim period, I’ve already felt [lacks] of irritation,” he continues. “I still live in the world, but I feel as if some new resource within me has switched on.”

He concludes by saying he is “so grateful to be surrendered in Christ.”

Watch the full video below:

Social media users on various platforms rejoiced following Brand’s announcement.

As of this writing, Brand’s Instagram video generated over 400,000 views, approximately 5,000 likes, and almost 40,000 comments.

Heather Khym of the Abiding Together podcast wrote, “Welcome home, Russell! I’ve been listening to your journey for many years. It’s so beautiful. Praying for you, that you continue to grow in intimacy with Jesus and experience the depths of his love which heals, restores, and brings freedom.”

Instagram user Daisy Healy also wrote, “Pure heart, pure message. You’ve met Jesus Christ and it’s so beautiful.”

Christian music artist Paul Baloche added, “Hallelujah! We rejoice with you!”

Brand also published the video on X (Formerly Twitter). As of this writing, his video generated almost 600,000 views, 20,000 likes, and over 2,500 comments.

This X (Formerly Twitter) user said, “May your path to God be peaceful and joyous!”

Another X user said, “I was praying that you would truly EXPERIENCE a supernatural transformation in baptism! Thank you for sharing! God has special plans for you, Russell. He’s the source of all the latent potential within you, and what was once illusive and unreachable is now found in Christ.”

X user Kat Kanada also said, “Welcome to the family and to the kingdom of God, Russell. I pray the Holy Spirit is your guide and helper. God bless you. May your faith roots grow deep. Stay in the word. There will be spiritual attacks. Cling to God’s word.”

Let us pray for Russell Brand as he begins his journey in Christ!

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