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A Powerful Healing Prayer to the Amazing Saint Agatha, Patron of Breast Cancer Patients

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, Saint Agatha is the perfect patron saint for you.

Feb. 5 is the feast of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of breast cancer patients. 

We remember Saint Agatha as a third-century martyr. Roman Emperor Decius required all citizens to sacrifice to false gods or face death.

Agatha chose the latter.

However, legend says one of the magistrates said he would dismiss her charges if she had sexual intercourse with him. She refused, and was, therefore, punished. They threw her in prison, tortured and beat her, and cut off her breasts.

Amid this suffering, she said, “Cruel man, have you forgotten your mother and the breast that nourished you, that you dare to mutilate me this way?”

This is why the Church remembers Saint Agatha as the patron saint of breast cancer sufferers.

Prayer to Saint Agatha, Patron Saint of Breast Cancer Patients

Saint Agatha, woman of valor,
from your own suffering,
we have been moved to ask your prayers
for those of us who suffer from breast cancer.

We place (person’s name) before you,
and ask you to intercede on their behalf.

From where you stand
in the health of life eternal,
all wounds healed,
and all tears wiped away,
pray for (prayer intention),
and all of us.

Pray God will give us His holy benediction
of health and healing.
And, we remember you were a victim of torture
and that you learned, firsthand,
of human cruelty and inhumanity.

We ask you to pray for our entire world.
Ask God to enlighten us
with a “genius for peace and understanding.”

Ask Him to send us His Spirit of Serenity,
and ask Him to help us share
that peace with all we meet.

From what you learned
from your own path of pain,
ask God to give us the grace we need
to remain holy in difficulties,
not allowing our anger
or our bitterness to overtake us.

Pray that we will be more peaceful
and more charitable.
And from your holy pace
in our mystical body, the Church,
pray that we, in our place and time will, together,
create a world of justice and peace.


Saint Agatha, patroness of breast cancer sufferers, please pray for us!

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