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The Best 2023 Catholic Advent Calendars

The liturgical year in the Catholic Church begins with the season of Advent.

This year, the first Sunday of Advent is December 3.

There are various traditions and liturgical practices associated with this season. It is also a time when secular society attempts to pull us away from Jesus and towards consumerism.

Participating in one or more Advent traditions can help us focus on the coming of Jesus.

One way to do so is to keep an Advent calendar, which is a special way to count down to the Nativity of Our Lord. There are various types available!

Below you will find eight Advent calendar options to help you embrace this liturgical season.

Note: These calendars are in no particular order.

Sticker Advent Calendar from Be a Heart

Be A Heart

This Advent calendar is unique because it invites you to participate in liturgical feasts throughout the season leading up to the birth of Christ.

As a mom, this is the Advent calendar my family is using this year.

The product description states,

“This Advent Calendar follows the church calendar for the year 2023. It begins on December 3, the first Sunday of Advent, and goes through Christmas day. Begin with a blank living room scene and decorate the space each day with stickers. The stickers are relevant to the different feast days throughout Advent. For example, an orange garland is placed on the mantel and candy canes on the tree for the feast of Saint Nicholas. Or place a vase of roses on the buffet table for the feast of Juan Diego.“This is the perfect resource for busy families who don’t have time to do all of the activities for Advent, but want to share the beautiful traditions of our faith with their children.”

You can purchase yours here.

Magnetic Advent Calendar

EWTN Religious Catalogue

This is a great and sustainable option for an Advent calendar as it can be reused each year. It is also interactive, as you can move the magnetic star each day as you count down to the birth of Jesus.

You can add a special daily prayer or read the daily Gospel with this activity.

You can purchase it from the EWTN Religious Catalogue website here.

Manger Scene Free Standing Advent Calendar

EWTN Religious Catalogue

Each flap includes a picture and a bit of the scriptural account of the Nativity story.

An added bonus of this option is that it functions as a beautiful decoration!

This is available from the EWTN Religious Catalogue website here.

Catholic Advent Calendar Cards from The Cozy Catholic Life

The Cozy Catholic Life

This Advent calendar begins on the first Sunday of Advent rather than the first day of December. It can also be reused each year!

On the reverse side of each card is a biblical story of the birth of Jesus.

You can find more information and purchase options here.

USCCB’s 2023 Daily Advent Calendar


This Advent Calendar from the USCCB begins on the first Sunday of Advent.

The free PDF is available for download here and a Spanish version is available here.

Madonna and Child Greeting Card Advent Calendar

EWTN Religious Catalogue

This calendar will brighten up anyone’s mailbox!

I also think it is a great option for those who do not have space to keep an Advent calendar.

The product description states,

“This Christmas card is also a mini-Advent Calendar with 24 window flaps that open each day to reveal a tiny surprise picture that tells a part of the Nativity story.”

You can purchase this Advent calendar from the EWTN Religious Catalogue here.

Catholic Advent Activity Calendar from Momming Like Mary

Momming Like Mary

This option provides simple activities for each day and is perfect for all ages.

This Advent calendar is only available as a digital download here.

Stained Glass Nativity Calendar with Chocolates

EWTN Religious Catalogue

This calendar is a Catholic spin on the oh-so-popular chocolate Advent calendar.

Behind each of the flaps is text from the Bible to help you dive into the Nativity story.

It is available from the EWTN Religious Catalogue here.

How are you preparing for the Advent season?

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