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News in the Church | Evening News July 3, 2024

Mosaics by alleged abuser Father Marko Rupnik are displayed at the shrine in Lourdes, France. | Credit: Courtney Mares/CNA

News in the Church | Evening News July 3, 2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

“Welcome to News from the Church, your source for Catholic news and updates from around the world. The news is edited by Pål Johannes Nes, and you’re listening to EWTN Norway. This is the Evening News for July 3, 2024. Let’s begin.”

“Lourdes Bishop Jean-Marc Micas has expressed his desire to eventually remove the mosaics created by artist Father Marko Rupnik. However, he has indicated that this action will not be immediate. The decision stems from concerns over the artworks in light of recent controversies surrounding Rupnik. The bishop is seeking a balanced approach that considers the artistic value and the sensitivities involved. He acknowledges the significance of the mosaics to many pilgrims and aims to make a decision that respects both the artistic contributions and the current concerns.”

“The Vatican is set to publish the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Synod on Synodality in October. This working document will provide the framework and agenda for the synodal discussions. The Synod aims to address key issues within the Church and promote a more inclusive and participatory approach to Church governance. This document is highly anticipated as it will guide the preparations and discussions for the Synod, reflecting the diverse voices and concerns of the global Catholic community.”

“In other Vatican news, Pope Francis recently welcomed a group of migrants, emphasizing the Church’s commitment to supporting refugees and migrants. During the meeting, the Pope listened to their stories and reinforced the importance of compassion and assistance to those in need. This meeting underscores the Vatican’s ongoing advocacy for migrants’ rights and well-being, highlighting the Pope’s personal dedication to this critical issue and the Church’s role in providing sanctuary and support.”

“In Nigeria, Church leaders have condemned a recent series of suicide attacks that resulted in numerous casualties. They described the attacks as senseless acts of violence and called for greater efforts to ensure the safety and security of all citizens. The Church leaders urged the government to take decisive action to prevent such tragedies and to support the affected communities, emphasizing the need for peace and reconciliation in a region plagued by violence.”

“From Guinea-Bissau, Catholic priests have urged the government to show greater commitment in the fight against drug trafficking. The priests highlighted the detrimental impact of drug trafficking on society and called for comprehensive measures to combat this issue. They emphasized the need for collaboration between the government, Church, and community organizations to address this pressing problem effectively, stressing the moral and social responsibilities of all parties involved.”

“In the United States, a recent gathering in Michigan brought together Chaldean youth from various diaspora communities. The event aimed to strengthen their cultural and spiritual identity, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among young Chaldeans. The participants engaged in various activities and discussions, reinforcing their faith and community bonds, and addressing the challenges faced by their communities both in the diaspora and their homeland.”

“In Germany, Cardinal Reinhard Marx has stated that the European Christian project is not over. He emphasized that despite challenges, the Christian faith continues to play a vital role in shaping Europe’s cultural and moral values. Cardinal Marx called for renewed efforts to promote Christian principles in public life and to engage constructively with contemporary societal issues. His remarks underscore the ongoing relevance of Christianity in addressing modern European challenges and fostering a sense of unity and purpose.”

“Also in Germany, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has accused high-ranking Curia officials of opposing traditional liturgy. He argued that there is a concerted effort to undermine the traditional liturgical practices within the Church. Cardinal Müller’s comments have sparked a debate on the role and importance of traditional liturgy in contemporary Catholic worship. He emphasized that traditional liturgy is a vital link to the Church’s heritage and identity. The ongoing conflict underscores tensions between different liturgical preferences and the broader implications for Church unity and identity. Müller also pointed out that the traditional liturgy has been a source of spiritual richness for countless faithful and that its suppression could alienate a segment of the Church community.”

“Lastly, we delve into a commentary by George Weigel published in the National Catholic Register, titled ‘Only One Name.’ Weigel reflects on the centrality of Jesus Christ in the life of the Church and the essential focus on Christ amidst various challenges and changes within the Church. He argues that the core mission of the Church should always be centered on Jesus, highlighting the transformative power of Christ’s teachings. Weigel criticizes modern tendencies to prioritize administrative and procedural reforms over spiritual renewal. He emphasizes that the Church’s true strength lies in its unwavering commitment to the message of Christ and its ability to inspire faith and devotion among believers. This commentary calls for a renewed focus on the spiritual foundations of the Church, urging the faithful to keep Jesus at the heart of all Church activities and initiatives.”

“That brings us to the end of today’s episode. Thank you for joining us on News from the Church. Remember to tune in tomorrow for the Morning News, where we’ll bring you more updates and stories from the global Catholic community. God bless you all, and may your faith continue to inspire and guide you. This is EWTN Norway, wishing you a peaceful and blessed evening.”

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Mosaics by alleged abuser Father Marko Rupnik are displayed at the shrine in Lourdes, France. | Credit: Courtney Mares/CNA


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