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News in the Church: Morning News July 9, 2024

Credit: EWTN News Nightly/Screenshot

News in the Church: Morning News July 9, 2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

Welcome to “News from the Church,” your trusted source for Catholic news and updates from around the world, presented by EWTN Norway and edited by Pål Johannes Nes. This is the Morning News for July 9, 2024. Let’s begin with today’s highlights.

Saint of the Day: 120 Martyrs of China

Today, we honor the 120 Martyrs of China, a group of Chinese Catholics and foreign missionaries who were martyred during various persecutions in China, especially during the Boxer Rebellion in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These martyrs are celebrated for their unwavering faith and bravery in the face of intense persecution. Their legacy continues to inspire Chinese Catholics and believers worldwide.

News Stories

Latin Patriarchate Condemns Raid on Gaza Catholic School

The Latin Patriarchate has strongly condemned a reported raid by Israeli forces on a Catholic school in Gaza. This incident, occurring amid heightened tensions, has sparked outrage within the Catholic community. The Patriarchate calls for the respect and protection of all religious and educational institutions, emphasizing the detrimental impact such actions have on peace efforts and the well-being of students and staff. This raid underscores the ongoing struggles faced by religious institutions in conflict zones and highlights the urgent need for dialogue and resolution.
Full story: Latin Patriarchate condemns reported raid by Israeli forces on Gaza Catholic school

Palestinians stand on the rubble and debris of the Latin Patriarchate Holy Family School after it was hit during an alleged Israeli military bombardment in Gaza City on July 7, 2024, amid the ongoing conflict in the Palestinian territory between Israel and Hamas. Credit: OMAR AL-QATTAA/AFP via Getty Images
German Pro-Lifers Condemn Censorship Zones

German pro-life advocates have declared it a “Black Day for Democracy” as they condemn the implementation of censorship zones around abortion facilities. These zones restrict pro-life counseling and demonstrations, igniting debates over free speech and the rights of activists. Pro-life groups argue that these measures infringe on their ability to offer support and alternatives to women considering abortion. This controversy highlights the tension between free speech rights and the regulations intended to protect the privacy and rights of those seeking medical procedures.
Full story: German pro-lifers condemn censorship zones

Pope Francis Names Young Bishop to Lead Agana, Guam Archdiocese

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Ryan Jimenez to lead the Archdiocese of Agana in Guam. Bishop Jimenez, previously the bishop of Chalan Kanoa in the Northern Mariana Islands, is expected to bring new energy and leadership to the archdiocese, which has faced significant challenges, including bankruptcy and a sex abuse scandal. His appointment is seen as a step towards healing and revitalization for the Catholic community in Guam.
Full story: Pope Francis names young bishop to lead Agana, Guam Archdiocese

Thousands Gather on Saba Saba Day in Kenya

Thousands of Kenyans gathered on Saba Saba Day this weekend to honor the nearly 70 individuals who have died since political protests began in June. The event commemorated the 69 people who lost their lives in an anti-tax protest last month. The day started with Mass and prayers in several churches around Nairobi and continued with a concert where victims were honored with music and dancing. The Catholic Church has urged all leaders in the country not to ignore the protests. Senior Fellow for Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Ebenezer Obadare, provides insights into the evolution of the protests and political unrest in Kenya. Obadare discusses whether he agrees with the statement that Kenya’s protests mark a generational revolution in the country’s politics and why.

Catholic Charities Responds to Hurricane Beryl

Catholic Charities has mobilized to respond to the devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl, which has led to widespread power outages and flooding. The organization is providing immediate relief through food, shelter, and medical assistance to those affected. Their swift action underscores the Church’s commitment to aiding communities in times of crisis, offering not just physical support but also spiritual and emotional solace.
Full story: Catholic Charities responds to Hurricane Beryl

German Pharmacist Acquitted for Refusing to Sell Abortifacients

A German pharmacist has been acquitted after refusing to sell potentially abortive pills. The pharmacist’s decision was based on moral grounds, and the court’s ruling supports his right to act according to his conscience. This case has significant implications for the intersection of professional duties and personal beliefs, reinforcing the protection of conscientious objection in healthcare.
Full story: German pharmacist acquitted for refusing to sell abortifacients

South Sudanese Bishop Reflects on ‘Mission Accomplished’

In South Sudan, Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala reflects on his transfer to a newly erected diocese as a “mission accomplished.” The bishop, who has been instrumental in fostering peace and development in his previous diocese, views his new assignment as a continuation of his ministry. His efforts have been marked by a focus on reconciliation, community building, and the promotion of social justice.
Full story: South Sudanese bishop reflects on ‘mission accomplished’

ACI Africa
Commentary by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Objective Beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass

“In a recent commentary, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone highlights the objective beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass, which continues to evangelize through its spiritual depth, reverence, and continuity with the Church’s liturgical heritage. The Latin Mass, with its rich symbolism and solemnity, serves as a powerful means of drawing people closer to the mysteries of the faith. Archbishop Cordileone emphasizes that the Latin Mass attracts many faithful, especially the youth, by offering a profound encounter with the sacred and a deep connection to the Church’s traditions.”
Full story: Objective beauty of the traditional Latin Mass

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco celebrates the ‘Mass of the Americas’ using the extraordinary form of the Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 2019. (photo: EWTN/YouTube Screen Capture)

That brings us to the end of today’s episode. Thank you for joining us on “News from the Church.” Remember to tune in this evening for the Evening News, where we’ll bring you more updates and stories from the global Catholic community. God bless you all, and may your faith continue to inspire and guide you. This is EWTN Norway, wishing you a peaceful and blessed day.


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