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News in the Church | Evening News 25.06.2024

John Cardinal Onaiyekan

News in the Church | Evening News 25.06.2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

This is a summary of the evening news stories in the Church from EWTN Norway. We bring you key updates and insights to keep you informed about important events and developments.

Trump Condemns Biden DOJ for Targeting of Catholics and Pro-Life Activists In a bold statement, former President Donald Trump has condemned the Biden administration’s Department of Justice, accusing them of targeting Catholics and pro-life activists. Trump highlighted several cases where he believes the DOJ has unfairly scrutinized religious groups and individuals who advocate for pro-life positions. His remarks have ignited discussions about the treatment of religious groups and the pro-life movement under the current administration. This development is being closely followed as it raises questions about religious freedom and governmental overreach. For more details, visit Catholic News Agency.

Catholic Charities of Trenton Apologizes for Sponsoring ‘Moving Beyond the Gender Binary’ Book Reading

Catholic Charities of Trenton has issued an apology after facing backlash for sponsoring a book reading event titled “Moving Beyond the Gender Binary.” The organization received criticism from many in the Catholic community who perceived the event as contradictory to Church teachings on gender. The apology addressed these concerns and reaffirmed the charity’s commitment to align its activities with Catholic values. This incident has sparked a broader conversation about how Catholic organizations engage with contemporary social issues while staying true to doctrinal teachings. To learn more, read the full story at Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis: Comedy and Humor Can Uplift as Well as Degrade

Pope Francis recently spoke about the power of comedy and humor, acknowledging that while they can bring joy and uplift spirits, they also have the potential to degrade and offend. He emphasized the importance of using humor in a way that respects others and fosters a positive community spirit. His comments were made during a broader discussion on culture and media, highlighting the role of humor in society. The Pope’s message was clear: promote a healthy and respectful use of humor in our daily interactions. For further insights, visit the National Catholic Register.

Vatican and Father Rupnik’s Art

The Vatican has addressed concerns regarding the art of Father Rupnik, a Jesuit priest known for his religious mosaics. Some critics have questioned the artistic and theological value of his work, prompting a broader discussion about the role and interpretation of sacred art in the modern Church. The Vatican’s response seeks to clarify these concerns and highlight the contributions of Father Rupnik’s art to the spiritual life of the Church. This ongoing conversation reflects the diverse opinions within the Church regarding the place of contemporary art in religious settings. More on this topic can be found at the National Catholic Register.

The Prophetic Saint Who Foretold What the End of the World Will Be Like

A fascinating article has captured the attention of many faithful, reflecting on a prophetic saint who foretold the events surrounding the end of the world. The saint’s visions, which date back several centuries, provide a detailed and thought-provoking glimpse into eschatological beliefs and the future of humanity according to Catholic tradition. These prophecies have been a source of intrigue and reflection for believers, offering both warnings and hope about the end times. Discover more about these intriguing prophecies at the National Catholic Register.

Why Does Buenos Aires Have So Many Roads Named After Dates?

Buenos Aires is unique for its numerous streets named after dates. This article explores the historical and cultural significance behind this naming convention. Each date commemorates significant events in Argentine history, reflecting the city’s rich and complex past. This naming tradition has shaped the identity of Buenos Aires, offering residents and visitors alike a constant reminder of the nation’s historical milestones. The article delves into how these street names influence the cultural and social landscape of the city. For the full story, visit The Pillar.

Syro-Malabar Bishops Break Ranks

In a surprising development, several bishops of the Syro-Malabar Church have broken ranks, raising concerns about unity and governance within the Church. The reasons behind this rift include disagreements over liturgical practices and administrative decisions. This split has significant implications for the Syro-Malabar community, as it highlights the challenges of maintaining unity in a diverse and widespread religious organization. The article explores the potential impact of this division on the Church’s future and its faithful. Read more about this development at The Pillar.

Nigerian Cardinal Encourages Church Leaders to Speak Out Against Injustice

Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Nigeria has urged Catholic Church leaders to speak out against injustice, stating that “silence is complicity.” In his address, Cardinal Onaiyekan emphasized the moral duty of Church leaders to advocate for justice and stand against societal wrongs. He encouraged active participation in social issues, reinforcing the Church’s role in promoting ethical governance and human rights. For more on Cardinal Onaiyekan’s powerful message, visit ACI Africa.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Church as we continue to share important news and stories from around the world.

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