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News in the Church | Evening News 28.06.2024

El Rosario de Ferraz por la conversión de España se realiza desde el 12 de noviembre de 2023. | Crédito: Rosario de Ferraz. News in the Church | Evening News 28.06.2024

News in the Church | Evening News 28.06.2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

Good evening, and welcome to the Church News on EWTN Norway. Here are today’s top stories.

Controversy Swirls Around Canadian Catholic Schools Celebrating Pride Month

Canadian Catholic schools have sparked controversy by celebrating Pride Month. This decision has led to a heated debate among parents, educators, and Church leaders. Some argue that celebrating Pride Month is a way to promote inclusivity and acceptance. However, others believe it contradicts Catholic teachings on sexuality. The schools’ actions have prompted discussions on how Catholic institutions can balance inclusivity while staying true to their religious principles. The situation continues to evolve as various stakeholders express their views. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

At First Presidential Debate, Biden and Trump Spar on Abortion and Immigration

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump saw intense exchanges on key issues, including abortion and immigration. Biden reaffirmed his support for reproductive rights and criticized Trump’s efforts to restrict access to abortion. Conversely, Trump defended his pro-life stance, highlighting his administration’s actions to protect the unborn. On immigration, the candidates clashed over border policies and the treatment of migrants. The debate highlighted stark differences in their approaches, setting the stage for a highly contested election. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

Spanish Government Imposes New Fine and Restrictions on Rosario de Ferraz

The Spanish government has imposed a new fine and additional restrictions on the Rosario de Ferraz, a popular Catholic prayer event. The authorities cite violations of public order regulations as the reason for these measures. Organizers of the event, however, argue that the government’s actions are an attempt to suppress religious expression. This development has intensified the ongoing debate over religious freedom and state intervention in Spain. For the full story, visit ACI Prensa.

Catholic Charity Launches Aid Campaign to Support Sudan War Victims Facing Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis

A Catholic charity has launched a significant aid campaign to support victims of the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The war has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with thousands displaced and in dire need of assistance. The charity’s campaign aims to provide food, medical supplies, and shelter to those affected by the violence. This initiative underscores the Church’s commitment to humanitarian efforts and the urgent need for international support to alleviate the suffering in Sudan. For the full story, visit ACI Africa.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Church as we continue to share important news and stories from around the world.

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