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News in the Church | Evening News 26.06.2024

News in the Church | Evening News 26.06.2024

By Pål Johannes Nes

This is a summary of the evening news stories in the Church from EWTN Norway. We bring you key updates and insights to keep you informed about important events and developments.

Good evening, and welcome to the Church News on EWTN Norway. Here are today’s top stories.

Pope Francis: Drug Cartels are ‘Traffickers of Death and Murderers’

Pope Francis has delivered a powerful condemnation of drug cartels, labeling them as “traffickers of death and murderers.” The Pope’s statement underscores the Vatican’s strong stance against organized crime and highlights the devastating impact of drug trafficking on communities worldwide. This call to action urges global leaders to address the root causes of drug-related violence and provide support for affected populations. For the full story, visit EWTN Norway.

Kenya’s Catholic Bishops Condemn Police Brutality and Killings Amid Anti-Tax Protests

Kenya’s Catholic bishops have issued a strong condemnation of police brutality and killings as anti-tax protests rock major cities across the country. The bishops’ statement decries the excessive use of force by police and calls for justice and accountability. They urge the government to engage in meaningful dialogue with protesters to address their concerns and restore peace. For the full story, visit EWTN Norway.

Archbishop Viganò: 5 Things to Consider

A recent commentary highlights five important points to consider regarding Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. The article delves into his controversial statements and actions, offering insights into his influence within the Church and the broader implications of his positions. This piece encourages readers to critically evaluate the context and impact of Archbishop Viganò’s views. For further insights, visit the National Catholic Register.

War and Adoration: Why Eucharistic Devotion is Surging in Cameroon

In Cameroon, a country plagued by conflict, Eucharistic devotion is experiencing a significant surge. This phenomenon is seen as a source of hope and spiritual strength for the faithful amid the turmoil. The article explores the reasons behind this rise in devotion and its profound impact on the community, offering a glimpse into the resilience and faith of Cameroonian Catholics. For more on this inspiring story, visit the National Catholic Register.

Expert Says Supreme Court Should ‘Do the Right Thing’ on Child Transgender Procedures

An expert has called on the Supreme Court to “do the right thing” regarding child transgender procedures. The statement emphasizes the need for careful consideration of the ethical and medical implications of such procedures on minors. The expert’s appeal highlights the ongoing legal and moral debates surrounding this sensitive issue. For the full story, visit Catholic News Agency.

Cardinal Krajewski Delivers Pope’s Gift of Ambulance to Ukraine

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, has delivered an ambulance to Ukraine as a gift from Pope Francis. This gesture is part of the Vatican’s ongoing support for the Ukrainian people amidst the ongoing conflict. The ambulance will aid in providing critical medical services in the war-torn region, symbolizing the Pope’s commitment to humanitarian efforts. For more details, visit Vatican News.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Church as we continue to share important news and stories from around the world.

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