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State March for Life Rallies Draw Thousands Across the Nation in Effort Outlaw All Abortions

Jan. 19, 2024, marked the 51st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

However, the Supreme Court is not the only court to witness pro-life advocates marching for life this January. Indianapolis, Ind., Frankford, Ky., and Topeka, Kan., all held marches this past January.

It might strike some as odd, even unnecessary, to march in states where abortion is mostly illegal.

Indiana, for example, protects babies except in cases of rape or incest. Similarly, in Kentucky, abortion is illegal unless the mother’s life is in danger.

Even so, President of Kentucky Right to Life Addia Wuchner told ChurchPOP that there’s still so much more legislative work to be done.

This pro-life work includes protection for infants conceived in unfortunate circumstances, which was Wuchner and her team’s focus in partnership with the March for Life 2024 theme: “With every woman, for every child.”

The Kentucky Right to Life March started at 9:30 a.m. at Good Shepherd Church in Frankfort, overflowing with over 600 marchers. As the march and rally picked up, Wuchner said they lost count at 2,000 participants, including 60 members of the pro-life caucus.

Clearly, Wuchner is not the only one who recognizes the work yet to be done.

In Indiana, The Right to Life of Indianapolis leads the charge, also partnering with the March for Life. They hosted the Sisters of Life, who spoke about God’s mercy. The event concluded at the Statehouse for a final rally.

Indiana March for Life 2024 / Courtesy of Right to Life of Indianapolis

President of Right to Life of Indianapolis Mark Tuttle called the occasion “a memorial day.”

“This is a day to remember the 65 million-plus lives that have been lost for abortion and all of the women who have regretted their abortion and who’ve suffered,” Tuttle said.

Indiana March for Life 2024 / Courtesy of Right to Life of Indianapolis

WISHTV of Indiana said thousands were present, which left quite the impression on the city and the state that abortion, in all circumstances, is unacceptable.

In Kansas, they face a more dire situation as abortion is legal for up to 22 weeks in utero.

Despite this and the “Value Them Both” ballot loss in 2022, pro-lifers will not back down.

KFL March & Rally for Life 2024 / Courtesy of Kansans for Life

Tatiana Bergum was the keynote speaker for the Kansans for Life rally. She advocated for the right to life and shared her experience working to combat human trafficking.

Bergum emphasized the negative connection between abortion and human trafficking, an issue that Wuchner in Kentucky is also actively combating on the legal side.

KFL March & Rally for Life 2024 / Courtesy of Kansans for Life

No ballot proposals are currently scheduled in any of these states in 2024, but the momentum of communities, initiatives by legislatures, and local pregnancy support centers continues.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray for and protect the unborn!

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