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From Agnostic Businessman to Catholic Priest: How He Left it All Behind to Answer God's Call

How could a successful businessman leave it all behind to serve God?

In a recent episode of “The Catholic Gentleman” with John Heinen and Sam Guzman, former agnostic turned passionate missionary Father Ken Geraci shares his journey from chasing worldly ambitions to embracing God’s call.

Growing up, he “never wanted to be Catholic and I never wanted to be a priest.” From a nominally Catholic family, he turned to agnosticism and was driven by worldly desires.

His aspirations were grounded in the belief that success and money were the only paths to happiness. “I thought money would make me happy,” he said.

His first turning point was an encounter with a colleague who challenged his authenticity.

“Ken, professionally I have no problem with you, but personally, I do,” he was told. This critique, combined with a profound experience at Mass, stirred something deep within him.

“My first conversion was a call to authenticity and integrity,” Father Ken shares.

You might think this led him to become a better businessman, but for Father Ken, it meant so much more. An unlikely moment later led to a staggering realization: “I was on a date when I realized I was supposed to be a priest,” he says.

While actively discerning his call to the priesthood, Father Ken learned the importance of being vigilant in spiritual warfare and living in God’s presence.

“We cannot be ignorant to the fact that we are living in battle constantly,” Heinen agrees.

Drawing from Saint Faustina’s diary, Father Ken emphasizes the power of Divine Mercy, especially in times of spiritual uncertainty, and stresses the need for mercy in today’s unforgiving world.

“Our Lord told Faustina that you will prepare the world for My Second Coming,” Father Ken says.

Father Ken’s road to finding his true vocation was filled with unlikely turning points, spiritual battles, and revelations that show how important Divine Mercy is in our lives!

Check out the inspiring episode below to hear his whole story:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Let’s trust in His Divine Mercy! ❤️‍

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