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Battling Impurity? How to Turn Temptation into a Means of Spiritual Growth

Is taming lust the ultimate test of faith?

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt challenge common misconceptions about the sinfulness of lust and share practical wisdom as to how to transform temptation into spiritual growth!

The gentlemen ask the pivotal question: is lust really the greatest sin?

Sam clarifies that although grave, “there are greater sins.” However, he says “Lust is easy to fall into, especially for men, making it dangerously pervasive.”

Historically, the Church has recognized both the dangers and sacredness of carnal union. By understanding the nature of attraction, which we often misinterpret as “in and of itself sinful,” they say we can better align ourselves with the Image of God.

“God invented sex and pleasure; Satan did not. We need to understand our nature so that grace can perfect it,” John says.

If you’re struggling with temptations, Sam points out that “purity exists in the will alone.” In those moments of temptation, he says to remember that “it’s what your will chooses to do that really determines purity versus impurity.” 

For Catholic men looking to overcome personal struggles and develop authentic masculinity, Devin suggests introspection and turning to your faith.

“I turn to Our Lady and I say, ‘I’ve got a sword here that I can’t lift but I’ve got to lift it, so I need you to lift it with me to slay this demon.'”

If you’re looking for great wisdom on maintaining purity in thoughts and actions to grow closer to God, this is a great episode for you!

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Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Prayer for Purity

Dear Jesus,
I know that every perfect gift,
and especially that of chastity,
depends on the power of Your providence.

Without You, a mere creature can do nothing.
Therefore, I beg You to defend by Your grace
the chastity and purity of my body and soul.

And if I have ever sensed or imagined anything
that could stain my chastity and purity,
blot it out, Supreme Lord of my powers,
that I may advance with a pure heart
in Your love and service,
offering myself on the most pure altar of Your divinity
all the days of my life.


Let’s pray that we may grow closer to God!

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